Finding 2 Bedroom Apartments Las Vegas Offers | Five Places To Go When You Travel Through Nevada
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Five Places To Go When You Travel Through Nevada

Five Places To Go When You Travel Through Nevada

If you start at the bottom of Nevada, coming in from Los Angeles, you will inevitably come to Las Vegas. This is the very first place that you should start, even if you are flying in, because it represents the very best of the state. There are beautiful buildings, elegant shows, and it will impress anyone. From there, there are four other places that you should consider going while you are traveling through the state by car.

Lake Mead And Hoover Dam

If you head South, going past Henderson, you will come to Hoover Dam. It is what holds back Lake Mead. You could spend several hours there, and it is highly recommended that you take the tour of the dam itself. It’s very interesting how this entire structure was built. From there, you will want to head back north as you go to your next destination.

Rachel Nevada

After you leave Las Vegas, you are going to head up the 15 and take the 93 up to Crystal Springs. You will then head left, going west on 375 as you head toward a town called Rachel. It is very small, with less than 100 people, but it’s a very popular tourist attraction. It’s a place that people calm that are looking for that road to Area 51, and you can learn a little bit about the focus of people in the area that believe in aliens.

Carson City And Virginia City

Finally, you are going to keep heading north on the 375 until you come to Warm Springs and head west on the six. You will come to a town called Tonopah. Driving further you will finally turn right on the 95 heading to Hawthorne, go all the way to Silver Springs, and then drive up into Virginia City. This is a town that is purportedly haunted, and after staying a night there, you can head to Carson City. From there, you can decide to head up to Reno, or you can head south and then West to go see Lake Tahoe. Once you have done that, you can head south all the way back to Las Vegas where your vacation will end.

This is just a quick idea for a four-day road trip that you might want to take, or it could be extended to little bit longer. You will get to see the interior of the state, and some of the most beautiful sites that you can see when you decide to take a car and travel through Nevada.