Finding 2 Bedroom Apartments Las Vegas Offers | A Couple Things You Can Do In Reno Nevada
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A Couple Things You Can Do In Reno Nevada

A Couple Things You Can Do In Reno Nevada

Will you be traveling into Reno on a vacation? It’s a place that many people go. It’s not just people from small communities that are in close proximity to Reno that want to go to the city. It’s actually a destination that people book from all over the world. It is not as large as Las Vegas, but it is a place where people can enjoy incredible shows and entertainment. Most people stay at the casinos, but outside of the casinos there are many other events and excursions that you can go on that will help you enjoy northern Nevada on your vacation.

Best Casinos In Reno

The casinos in Reno are divided up into three specific sections. Two of the sections only have one casino each. For example, you can stay at the Atlantis which has the absolute best buff a in the entire city. If you stay at this casino, that’s one of the reasons that you go. The second place is the Grand Sierra Resort, the original home of the MGM Grand. It is an enormous structure, and is one of the favorite destinations for people that like to gamble and see excellent entertainment. Finally, there is the city of Reno proper. This is where most of the casinos are in the Reno area. Three of the best are interconnected which include Circus Circus, Silver Legacy, and the El Dorado.

Activities Outside Of The Casinos

Although you could spend quite a bit of time at the casinos, there are so many things to do outside of Reno. For example, you could head to a little town called Border Town which is right on the edge of the California and Nevada border. You can also head over to Sparks if you are there during the summer. They have a great waterpark that will be perfect for your kids. If you had out of Reno, going south, you can go to Virginia City which is a beautiful place, one that is said to be haunted. Finally, you can head south, heading up into the Sierra Nevadas, all the way to Lake Tahoe.

Reno is a beautiful city to visit. It does have a unique appearance at night. It’s not as large as Las Vegas, and that is one of the reasons many people prefer this city over the other. However, you don’t have to stay in Reno to truly enjoy Nevada. You can use the suggestions above. Nevada is a beautiful state, and if you are going to be staying in Reno for a week or two, you now know a couple of other places that you can go that will make your trip complete.