Finding 2 Bedroom Apartments Las Vegas Offers | A Couple Cities You Should Visit When You Go To Nevada
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A Couple Cities You Should Visit When You Go To Nevada

A Couple Cities You Should Visit When You Go To Nevada

If you go to Nevada on a vacation, or if you are just planning a road trip, there are several cities that you should consider visiting. It’s one of those states that is pretty consistent in regard to the landscape you are going to see. It is primarily flat with assorted hills, all of which are quite barren. It is a land that doesn’t have a lot of trees, but it definitely has interesting cities that you can visit. Let’s begin with the first city you should go to, +2 others that will make your trip worthwhile.

Reno Nevada

If you start in northern Nevada, at the intersection of Highway 395 and Highway 80, you will be at a crossroads. In one direction, you can head out into the center of Nevada, curving North, going all the way up to Winnemucca. If you head South, you can go to Carson City which is the state capital. However, let’s just focus on Reno. There are several casinos that you should go to which are quite fantastic. The Silver Legacy is one of them as well as the Atlantis. You can also see a waterpark in a city close by called Sparks. Finally, you can either play golf on one of the many golf courses in the city, or miniature golf, whichever you prefer.

Las Vegas Nevada

This city really needs no introduction. It is called Sin City by some, and others consider it to be the most incredible city ever created. There are towering skyscrapers that look as if they are leaning, and pyramid hotels. The Eiffel Tower can be seen, along with many incredible shows and performances that cannot be seen anywhere else. It is a city of wealth that definitely displays this in everything that they do. Once you have walked the Las Vegas strip, and attended if you performances, it’s time to head South once again.

Henderson Nevada

This city is south of Las Vegas, and it is a gateway of sorts. From this city, you can head over to Hoover Dam. There are also multiple helicopter rides that will take you over and into the Grand Canyon. You can also take planes that will fly in that direction, or at incredibly fast speeds. There is also a lion habitat ranch, and several casinos that you can visit. It is a great way to end your tour of Nevada.

By just visiting these three cities which are located on the west side of Nevada, you can get a feel for the differences that you will see throughout the state. All three of these cities are wonderful to visit, each offering something unique.